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Overcoming of Violence. External Democratization of Post-Civil War Societies

New book by Thorsten Gromes, Bernhard Moltmann and Bruno Schoch on democratization of post-civil war societies


The UN and the dangers of a global blasphemy law: How the faithful are ought to be protected

PRIF-Report No. 136 reconstructs the problematic campaign of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for establishing an anti-defamation resolution, illustrates the chances of UN-resolution 16/18 and provides recommendations for politics


Ambassador Jaakko Laajava as Honorary Diplomat Research Fellow at PRIF

PRIF welcomes the former finnish Under-Secretary Jaakko Laajava as Honorary Diplomat Research Fellow in Frankfurt.


Shadows of the Past

Working Paper on the Israeli-German relations within the context of the Holocaust and the historical and political reasons for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Stellenausschreibung: Leiter/in Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit & Fundraising

Die HSFK sucht eine/n Leiter/in Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit & Fundraising (TV-H 13, Vollzeit). Bewerbungsfrist: 6.12.2015

Welcome to Germany? Refugees in-between refusal and integration

Panel discussion on the German refugee policy in Frankfurt on November 9th at 07.00 pm



Reforming Policing in Guinea-Bissau

New PRIF-Report No. 135 ascertains the causes of failing reform attempts in the police sector in Guinea-Bissau



Rückkehr zum nationalen Denken – kippt Europa?

Europa in der Krise - Podiumsdiskussion in Frankfurt am 26.10. in der Reihe "Außenpolitik live – Diplomaten im Dialog"

Announcement of Ernst-Otto Czempiel Award 2016

PRIF awards the best monograph in international peace research published in 2014/2015



Facing China – Crises or Peaceful Coexistence in the South China Sea?

The new PRIF Report questions the assumption of Chinese assertiveness by comparing the Sino-Malaysian and the Sino-Philippine conflict


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