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Nachruf auf Egon Bahr

HSFK würdigt Politiker und Friedensforscher

HSFK-Standpunkt on the conflict in the South China Sea

HSFK-Standpunkt 2/2015: “Frieden und Stabilität mit oder gegen China. Der Konflikt im Südchinesischen Meer stellt alle Beteiligten vor Grundsatzentscheidungen”


Stabilization or fragmentation? The influence of regional actors on the global order

PRIF Report No. 130 investigates the influence of Regional Security Organizations on the implementation of liberal norms and highlights why the regional acceptance or rejection of global rules is essentially a matter of justice.


The UN and the dangers of a global blasphemy law: How the faithful are ought to be protected

HSFK-Report 12/2014 reconstructs the problematic campaign of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for establishing an anti-defamation resolution, illustrates the chances of UN-resolution 16/18 and provides recommendations for politics


Dialogue processes can be a solution to conflicts between global companies and local actors

HSFK-Report 11/2014 takes a close look at conflicts of resource extraction in Peru, pointing out dialogue mechanisms as solution.


Hessian Peace Prize 2015 awarded to Ella Polyakova

Russian human rights activist honored


Photo: Hessian Parliament

The comprehensive nuclear agreement: A historic milestone for a safer Middle East/Gulf

PRIF-press release from July 15, 2015

Guest researcher: Professor Clifford Bob from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA

Scientific exchange within the framework of the project “Contested World Orders”


Crisis in European Trade? Successful start of the “Crisis Talks” lecture series in Brussels

Report on the launch event of the “Crisis Talks” on 16th June 2015


HSFK-Standpunkt on the Salafist movement in Germany

HSFK-Standpunkt 1/2015: „Nicht nur eine Frage der Sicherheit. Salafismus in Deutschland als gesamtgesellschaftliche Herausforderung“


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