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The Middle East - A WMD free zone?

A new edited volume by EU Non-Proliferation Consortium sheds light on chances and difficulties in establishing a WMD free zone in the Middle East


Translation problems in the reform of the police sector

New HSFK-Report 6/2014 ascertains the causes of failing attempts to reforms in Guinea-Bissau


Just a Cover-up?

The latest HSFK-Standpunkt deals with Germany's long journey towards the ratification of the UN Convention against Corruption




Stellenausschreibung: Leiter/in Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit & Fundraising

Die HSFK sucht eine/n Leiter/in Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit & Fundraising (TV-H 13, Vollzeit). Bewerbungsfrist: 15.2.2015

Funding for Research Network 'External Democracy Promotion'

New project in RD IV will be funded by the Leibniz Association under the Leibniz Competition for three years with almost 600,000 Euro

The Original Battle Trolls: How States Represent the Internet as a Violent Place

PRIF Working Paper No. 23 by Ben Kamis and Thorsten Thiel on the cyber war metaphor and the spread of the norm of sovereign statehood on the Internet


The protection of intellectual property versus the right to health

The latest HSFK-Report 5/2014 by Saskia Scholz and Klaus Dieter Wolf discusses the inversion of a hierarchy of norms


The Reform of Guinea-Bissau's Security Sector

HSFK Report by Christoph Kohl on Security Sector Reform in Guinea-Bissau now published in English




Understandings of Peace and Peace Strategies

In PRIF Working Paper No. 22 Evgeniya Bakalova and Konstanze Jüngling analyze Russia's and the US's different conceptions of peace and their strategies for conflict settlement


A Target Missed

The latest HSFK-Standpunkt analyzes the impact of NATO’s military presence in Afghanistan on civilians and NATO's joint responsibility for civilian casualties over recent years.


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