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Eine Auszeichnung für Frieden durch Dialog

Der diesjährige Friedensnobelpreis setzt das richtige Zeichen

Tackling the tragedy of hunger in the world

Latest HSFK-Standpunkt by Carolin Anthes on the root causes of hunger in the world and the need for structural and normative change


The comprehensive nuclear agreement – Chance or risk?

The latest HSFK-Report evaluates the convention of the “Iran-Agreement” as well as the roles of Germany and the EU in the course of negotiations


German arms exports at a turning point?

Panel discussion on 15th October, 14:00–16:00


Annual conference starts with public forum on 8 October

Freiheit des Worts vs. Schutz der Religion, Haus am Dom, 19:00


Responsibility to Protect – Still a Controversial Issue

Ten years after the recognition of the Responsibility to Protect, the latest PRIF Report examines the controversies around this bundle of norms


Welcome to Europe? Refugee policy in the dispute

Panel discussion on 13th October concentrates on the current refugee policy of Europe


Visiting Fellow: Myra Posluschny-Treuner from the University of Basel

Myra Posluschny-Treuner focuses on foreign agricultural investments using the example of Ethiopia


Change in management

Harald Müller hands over the management to Klaus Dieter Wolf


Harald Müller (left), Klaus Dieter Wolf (right)

OSCE Network Report on “Reviving co-operative Security in Europe through the OSCE”

Analysis and recommendations for impovement of OSCE’s cooperative security published and presented


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