Collection and focus


The Peace Research Institute Frankfurt owns the largest library in the field of peace and conflict research in Germany. The collection contains over 58,000 books in print or online, about 8,750 bound periodicals, 40,000 single issues of grey literature, 25,000 US Documents and 5,000 UN Documents. Additionally, it provides access to e-books and more than 1,100 journals under license in political science.

Collection focus

Theory of peace and conflict research, theory of international relations, transnational actors, world politics, regional and local conflicts, European security, arms control, violence and social conflicts, peace movements. 

The Library collects books and journals mostly in English and German. There are exchange agreements with all major peace and international relations research institutes in the world. We regularly search the websites of institutes in the field of peace and conflict research, international relations research and foreign policy analysis for new publications. These publications are recorded in the WAO database.

Special Collection on US Foreign Policy

Included in the PRIF library is the completed special collection “US Foreign Policy and its Domestic Conditions”, a collection of literature and documents on American foreign policy until 2010 unique in Europe.

The Special Collection currently holds about 20,000 monographs, 17,500 research reports and policy papers, and 25,000 U.S. documents. 

The collection of U.S. Documents includes publications of the White House and all relevant departments and agencies, as well as annual reports of departments and agencies to the congress. Congress documents include hearings and reports of Senate and House committees, reports of the Congressional Research Service, General Accounting Office and the Congressional Budget Office.