Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees supervises the manage­ment of the institute and approves the budget.
Its members are:


  • Angela Dorn (Chair), Minister for Science and the Arts of Hesse, with State Secretary Ayse Asar acting as permanent deputy
  • Volker Bouffier, Prime Minister of the state of Hesse
  • Dr Gisela Helbig , Federal Ministry of Education and Science
  • Dr Bernhard Klingen, Federal Ministry of Education and Science
  • Peter Feldmann, Mayor of the City of Frankfurt
  • Prof Dr Enrico Schleiff, President of Goethe University Frankfurt
  • Dr Michael Jansen, former State Secretary
  • Kerstin Pramberger, Co-Founder and Executive Director SMART Leadership Institute


The following persons participate in the Board’s meetings in an advisory capacity:

  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schneckener, Chair of PRIF's Advisory Board
  • Dr. Melanie Coni-Zimmer, Chair of PRIF's Research Council