Press and Public Relations

Press and public relations at PRIF are a central element for enabling academic communication. Work in this area assists PRIF staff members in communicating their research findings to the academic community, policy makers, the media and the general public.

Central tasks for press and public relations:

Regard­less of the to­pic, in our list of to­pics & ex­perts, you can find inter­view partners on va­rious po­liti­cal issues. Or con­tact the press de­part­ment di­rect­ly: 069 - 959104-13.




Barbara Dörrscheidt, Head of Public Relations

Phone: 069 - 959104-13
Email: doerrscheidt @hsfk .de


Karin Hammer, Editor

Phone: 069 - 959104-28
Email: hammer @hsfk .de


Eva Neukirchner, PR Trainee

Phone: 069 - 959104-85
Email: neukirchner @hsfk .de