Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

PRIF sets out to analyze the causes of violent international and internal conflicts, carrying out research into the conditions necessary for peace and working to spread the concept of peace. The Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), part of the Leibniz Association, is one of the leading peace research institutes in Europe and is located in Frankfurt am Main.


Interviews and Articles on Current Topics

14. September 2023
hr2 Der Tag – Jonas Wolff (in German)
[Translate to English:] Immer wieder freitags: Welcher Protest hilft dem Klima?
10. September 2023
Anne Will – Nicole Deitelhoff (in German)
Der Fall Aiwanger – Wie groß ist der Schaden für die politische Kultur?
10. September 2023
Deutschlandfunk – Stefan Kroll (in German)
G20-Gipfel – „Ein notwendiger Kompromiss“
09. September 2023
Tagesschau – Stefan Kroll (in German)
Die Welt im Dauerstress


Failing in Control. Legislative weakness in the face of a strongman president in the Philippines   

When Rodrigo Duterte assumed the presidency of the Philippines in 2016, he pushed a campaign against illegal drugs that resulted in thousands of suspects being killed by law enforcers. Parliament…

Neuer Aufschwung oder unüberwindbare Hindernisse? Der SDG-Gipfel 2023 im Zeichen eskalierender globaler Mehrfachkrisen   

„The world is far off track“ – Diese Warnung spricht der von 15 Wissenschaftler*innen verfasste Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) 2023 aus, der eine Woche vor dem SDG-Gipfel am 18. und 19.…

Violence in Political Competition in the Philippines: The 2023 Barangay Elections in Perspective   

In the Philippines a large number of politicians and candidates are killed before, after and between elections. Against the backdrop of the constants and changes of this violence, I outline why a way…

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