• Vacancies
    Current jop vacancies at PRIF.
  • PhD Program
    Academic training and career development are key objectives at PRIF: That includes i.a. the supervision of dissertation projects, the integration of PhD candidates into research, public relations and policy advice activities of PRIF, the promotion of their national and international networking as well as targeted training courses for methodological questions, software training and key skills.
  • Internships
    Students enrolled in a masters program have the opportunity to undertake an internship at PRIF.
  • Career Development
    PRIF is committed to promoting academic training and career development of young scientists.
  • Equal Opportunities
    Since equal gender balance is an integral component of lasting peace the concept finds it's way into the work of the institute. Therefore, PRIF’s equal opportunity goals aim to promote gender equality between women and men as well as contribute to their establishment and implementation within and beyond the institute. 
  • Alumni
    The PhD candidates at PRIF since 2000 - what are they doing today?