Equal Opportunities

PRIF’s equal opportunity goals aim to promote gender equality between women and men – and thereby eliminate the underrepresentation of women from all professional areas – as well as to support our staff members in achieving a work-life balance between their families and careers.

Hesse’s Equal Opportunity Law (HGIG) is the foundation on which PRIF promotes equality at the institute. As a member of the Leibniz Association, PRIF likewise abides by the association’s general recommendations for gender equality among women and men as well as the research-oriented standards on gender equality set out by the German Research Foundation (DFG). PRIF regularly reviews and drafts measures to promote women and evaluates the implementation of goals that the institute has set for itself. Moreover, PRIF has been awarded the "Total E-Quality" Award for its active and successful commitment to equal opportunities. The institute has also been a member of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main Dual Career Network since 2011.

Dr Claudia Baumgart-Ochse and Dr Annika Elena Poppe currently serve as the PRIF’s equal opportunity officers.