How do you become a peace researcher? It’s true that there are no classic occupations that require training in peace and conflict resolution, however practical experience beyond university is extremely useful, not least for career orientation, and it is even compulsory in some courses of study.

PRIF offers those students majoring in the subject the opportunity to gain an insight into the concrete work of an academic research institute within the framework of a period of practical training. As part of this, trainees are involved in the project work of one of five research departments "International Security", "International Institutions", "Transnational Politics", "Intrastate Conflict" and "Glocal Junctions". During the internship students should work independently on an area of responsibility under the supervision of an academic. The length of the training period is determined on an individual basis with the relevant supervisor. The training period should not be shorter than six weeks. The internships are unpaid. From 1st January 2015, trainees not completing a compulsory internship cannot be taken in for a period longer than 3 months. In the case of a mandatory internship, a verification of the obligation has to be submitted before its begin (e.g. study regulations).

Your application dossier should include a written document detailing the main emphases of your studies and the subjects that you are interested in, and a CV with certificates. Due to popular demand, please apply a few months prior to your desired start of the internship.


Please send your application by e-mail to

Christine Gröber 

E-Mail: groeber @hsfk .de