Global House of Young Voices

Virtual Youth Parliament with Frankfurt's Sister Cities

In the summer of 2024, a one-week sum­mit with young people from Frank­furt's 17 sister cities will take place: An inter­national youth parlia­ment, the “Global House of Young Voices”, is to be consti­tuted. The summit strengthens both: the inter­national net­work and the inter­cultural competence of young people. More­over, the ex­perience of demo­cracy as “pro­ductive arguing” will be brought closer to a di­verse group of young people. The re­sult of the summit is the adoption of a consti­tution, which creates the con­ditions for the (virtual) conti­nuation of the parlia­ment.

The goals of the project are to pro­mote edu­cation for global citizen­ship in the sense of the UN Sus­tainable Develop­ment Goals, to link local and global political pro­cesses, and to sustain­ably streng­then Frankfurt's city partner­ships.

The pro­ject takes place with­in the frame­work of “Netzwerk Paulskirche”. It is fun­ded by the City of Frank­furt and coor­dinated by PRIF.

Frank­furt’s Sister Cities in­clude: Birming­ham, Buda­pest, Deuil-La Barre, Dubai, Eskişehir, Gra­nada (Nicaragua), Guang­zhou, Kairo, Kra­kau, Leip­zig, Lyon, Mai­land, Philadel­phia, Prag, Tel Aviv, Toron­to, Yoko­hama.


Tina Cramer
Knowledge Transfer Officer
Contact: cramer @prif .org

Yvonne Blum
Knowledge Transfer Officer

Laura Friedrich
Knowledge Transfer Officer

Stefan Kroll
Head of Science Communication

Raphaela Schlicht-Schmälzle
Senior Researcher at Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education (DIPF)