Upcoming events

Krisenintervention in turbulenten Zeiten: Bilanz und Perspektiven der Einmischung in Gewaltkonflikte


2. Workshop der DVPW-Themengruppe "Normenforschung"


Perspektiven aus Recht, Philosophie und Internationalen Beziehungen



With its events, PRIF targets different groups in society and politics. While experts are available for external information and discussion events, the institute itself also organizes various events. The most important formats are:

  • Annual Conference
    Since 1995 PRIF hosts an annual conference around alternating topics.
  • Panel Discussions
    Since 2013 PRIF organizes a series of panel discussions addressing current issues in cooperation with the Frankfurter Rundschau and the Katholische Akademie Rabanus Maurus at the Haus am Dom, Frankfurt.
  • Schlangenbad Talks
    The Schlangenbad Talks are a series of German-Russian bilateral conferences with high-ranking participants that address current issues in foreign policy and security.