Does the world need more coercion?

A debate to kick of PRIF's new research program "Peace and Coercion". Side Event of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) on the occasion of the 2018 Congress of the German Political Science Association (DVPW)

Photo: Max Pixel/CC0 1.0 (

Photo: Max Pixel/CC0 1.0 (

The DVPW con­fe­rence starts on 25 Sep­tember 2018 in the after­noon at Goethe University Frankfurt. As a pre­lude, PRIF is in­viting to a round­table (lunch event) to dis­cuss em­pirical ex­perien­ces, theoretical re­flec­tions and po­li­ti­cal im­pli­ca­tions that concern the use or lack, shape and legi­ti­ma­cy of co­ercion in world po­li­tics. The de­bate will fo­cus on the ques­tion of whether and how the pro­vision of glo­bal pu­blic goods (and the pre­vention of glo­bal pu­blic bads) can and should be en­forced.

The back­ground to this event is PRIF’s new re­search pro­gram “Coercion and Peace”, which aims at shed­ding light on the am­bi­valent role of co­ercion in es­ta­blish­ing and main­taining peace. More spe­ci­fi­cally, re­search in the con­text of this pro­gram will in­ves­ti­gate whether and in what way dif­ferent types of co­ercion that aim at en­forcing in­ter­national norms and political order suc­ceed, and how this af­fects peace at the in­ter­national and intra-state level.

Parti­ci­pants of the round­table:
•    Jane Mansbridge, Kennedy School of Govern­ment, Har­vard Uni­ver­sity
•    Dirk Messner, Ger­man De­ve­lop­ment In­stitute / Deutsches In­sti­tut für Ent­wicklungs­politik (DIE)
•    Andreas Nölke, Goethe Uni­versity Frank­furt
•    Chair: Jonas Wolff, Peace Re­search In­sti­tu­te Frank­furt (PRIF)

Date: Tues­day, Sep­tem­ber 25, 2018, 12:00pm - 1:45pm.

Venue: Peace Research In­sti­tute Frank­furt, Baseler Straße 27-31, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Please re­gister until Au­gust 31, 2018 by e-mail: