Leibniz Conference on Sustainable Development Goals

International conference with Jonas Wolff and Stefan Kroll on how to translate the SDGs into research agendas and political action

With the launch of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, the world community has set the agenda for tackling the world’s most pressing challenges, including ending poverty and ensuring prosperity for the growing world population while respecting planetary boundaries. The research community contributes to the agenda by reflecting on the concept of sustainable development and by improving the evidence base of the complex processes and challenges to be addressed and playing a critical role in building the individual, organizational and institutional capacities globally for working towards SDG fulfillment. But how do researchers translate grand societal challenges into research agendas? What is the implication for the conduct of research in responsible science to acknowledge the complexity of problems and contributions to societal transformation? How do researchers cooperate across disciplines and how do they engage with civil society and policy sectors to co-create the knowledge required for transformative actions towards sustainable development? The particular objective is to present and discuss key findings from basic and application oriented research that are relevant for solutions towards specific SDGs and the nexus between them. The conference language will be English.

PRIF will be part of the panel "Social inequalities, coastal megacities and environmental crises", which is organized by the Leibniz Research Alliances “Crises in a Globalised World”. The panel will be co-chaired by Stefan Kroll, whereas Jonas Wolff will be speaking on the topic. For more panels and the general schedule please visit the conference page.

Where? Leibniz Association Headquarters Berlin, Chausseestr. 111, 10115 Berlin
When? 14th September 2018

The conference will be free of charge. More information and registration on www.leibniz-gemeinschaft.de/sdg-conference2018.