Perspectives on Negotiations with the ELN

Panel discussions by the German-Colombian Peace Institute CAPAZ

The German-Colombian Peace Institute CAPAZ is organising panel discussions on important aspects of the current dialogue process between the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army ELN. Three central topics will be examined in greater detail by one panel each, which in addition to the debate are intended to contribute to the generation of ideas regarding the role of national and regional universities in the Colombian government's attempts to consolidate peace. Jonas Wolff is a participant in the second panel, which discusses the participation of civil society in the negotiations.


Panel 1 - 20.00: "Cese al fuego, seguridad y territorio"

Panel 2- 21.00: "Participación de la sociedad civil en la mesa de diálogos"

Panel 3- 22.30: "De la Habana a Caracas: aprendizajes y posibles articulaciones"


When: 23. February 2023, 20-24.00 GMT+1

Where: Auditorio Alfonso López, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá


The event will be held in Spanish.

Please register your attendance beforehand.

For more information visit the event website of the Instituto CAPAZ.