The Politics of/in Ethnographic Writing

Workshop organized by the research department “Glocal Junctions” and the thematic group “Ethnographic Methods in Political Science”

Ethnography Books. Photo: Raul Pachega-Vera via flickr. (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

In this workshop, we will address the political dimen­sions of and in ethno­graphic writing: How can we deal with differ­ent political conc­epts and defi­nitions that inform our ethno­graphic writing? How can we address the challenges that are often part of inter­disciplinary colla­borations, in particular when it concerns the wri­ting process? And how can we think about the politics of text­work and publishing ethno­graphic research?
The workshop starts on Monday, June 20, 2022, at 6 pm, with a key­note address by Anna Leander (Geneva Graduate Institute) on “Desta­bilizing Definitions: The Challenge of Doing Ethno­graphic Concept Work in Inter­national Relations”. On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, the work­shop will offer a rich program that builds on the key­note and our ongoing engage­ment with ethno­graphic writing. We will discuss the promise of ethno­graphic writing, but also address practical problems of writing-up and publishing. We will work collecti­vely on strategies from obser­vation to publi­cation, and we will discuss the changing publish­ing land­scape for ethno­graphers in political science.

The workshop is co-organized by the DVPW Themen­gruppe “Ethno­grafische Methoden in der Politik­wissenschaft” and the Research Department “Glocal Junctions” at PRIF. Please note that travel, accommo­dation and meals need to be covered by the partici­pants.
Please register at ethnografie @dvpw .de until June 12, 2022. Download the workshop program here. For further questions regarding the workshop, you can contact Sabine Mannitz at PRIF.

When: June 20 - 21, 2022

Where: Building „Normative Orders“ | Room EG 01 Max-Horkheimer Str. 2 | 60323 Frankfurt am Main

Thematic Group “Ethno­graphic Methods in Political Science”

The aim of the the­matic group is to facilitate an exchange on the oppor­tunities, limits and fields of appli­cation of ethno­­graphic methods in political science and to work concretely on their im­plemen­­tation. The group follows a co­operative principle and meets regularly to learn from each other and to discuss concrete questions con­cerning ethno­­graphic research and publishing. The group addresses political scien­tists of all sub-disciplines and status groups, and is aimed both at researchers who have just dis­covered their interest in ethno­­graphy and at professionals who have been working with ethno­­graphic methods for a long time.

Speakers Theme Group:
Dr. Felix Anderl, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany
Dr. Micha Fiedlschuster, York University Toronto, Canada
Dr. Eva Johais, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), Bergen, Norway
Dr. Julia Leser, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany