Russia and Ukraine

What's the reason behind the Russian military build-up near the Ukrainian border? Matthias Dembinski and Mikhail Polianskii discuss the possible signaling. Contribution on PRIF Blog.

Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

PRIF sets out to analyze the causes of violent international and internal conflicts, carrying out research into the conditions necessary for peace and working to spread the concept of peace. The Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), part of the Leibniz Association, is one of the leading peace research institutes in Europe and is located in Frankfurt am Main.


The Tricky Politics of Recognizing Armed Non-State Actors   

The new volume “Armed non-state actors and the politics of recognition” by editors Anna Geis, Maéva Clément, and Hanna Pfeifer discusses armed non-state actors and their strategic pursuit of being…

Civil War in Ethiopia. The Instrumentalization and Politicization of Identity   

For more than a year, the civil war between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has been causing severe human suffering and fatalities in the thousands. According…

China in Post-coup Myanmar – Closer to Recognition, Further from „Pauk-phaw“   

At the close of 2021 China remains one of the few foreign partners for Myanmar. Amid ongoing public resistance to the junta and violent protest suppression, Beijing and the new regime in Naypyidaw are…

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