20 Years after Rwanda. The international "Responsibility to Protect" put to test

Public panel discussion on 9th April addresses success and problems of the international Responsibility to Protect

800,000 people died during the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. To prevent from similar events that , the United Nations developed the concept of the international "Responsibility to Protect". If states fail to protect their citizens from severe human rights violations such as genocide, the international community is obliged to take actions - in extreme cases even by means of military interventions.


Has the international Responsibility to Protect proved to be successful? What is the definite matter behind it and which role does the concept play in Germany's foreign policy?




Dr Caroline Fehl

Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF)


Christoph Schlimpert

Co-chairman of Genocide Alert e.V.


Host: Andreas Schwarzkopf, Frankfurter Rundschau


Wednesday, 9th April 2014 | 7:00 pm , doors: 6:30 pm

Haus am Dom

Domplatz 3, U-Bahn Dom/Römer

Frankfurt a.M.


Free admission


A joint event of Frankfurter Rundschau, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt and Haus am Dom.