Book Recommendation: Handbuch Krisenforschung

Publication of the Leibniz Research Alliance "Crises in a Globalised World" systematically reviews the current state of research

Handbook Crisis Research. Photo: PRIF

Handbook Crisis Research. Photo: PRIF

The handbook, written in German, examines a key concept of the humanities and social sciences in an inter­disciplinary way. It reviews the current state of research on 'crises' as political decision-making situations for various fields and at the same time empha­sizes the close connection to political practice that can be observed in the use of the term 'crisis'. While research into individual crisis events and phenomena is part of the daily business in many disciplines, overarching conceptual conside­rations on crises are usually limited to organi­zational aspects of crisis manage­ment or to crisis dis­courses. The handbook 'Crisis Research' takes up these areas of research, but goes beyond them. It examines them from various conceptual and metho­dological pers­pectives and advocates a reflexive approach that sees the term 'crisis' itself as an obser­vable concept.

Bösch, Frank/Deitelhoff, Nicole/Kroll, Stefan (eds.), (2020): Handbuch Krisenforschung, Wiesbaden: Springer VS,

"Handbuch Krisen­forschung" is published by Springer VS and available as e-book and hardcover.