Bosnia and Herzegovina after Dayton

Thorsten Gromes analyzes the efforts and risks of democratization after civil wars

To ensure enduring peace, many post war societies are often "treated" with democratization. Also Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country with great relevance for German and European politics, was coerced to build up a democracy.

In his publication, Thorsten Gromes emphasizes the fortitudes of democratization, but also points out, how these fortitudes could jeopardize themselves and intra-state peace. But although democratization contains many risks, it seems to be the best option for post war societies. On the basis of a detailed study of post war Bosnia and Herzegovina, the author comes to a variety of practical consequences for peace missions.


The book "Demokratisierung nach Bürgerkriegen. Das Beispiel Bosnien und Herzegowina" (Democratization after Civil Wars. The example of Bosnia and Herzegovina) is published as vol. 56 of the PRIF studies at Campus publishing house. With this book the author publishes his dissertation. Thorsten Gromes works as research assistant at PRIF.


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