CAPAZ funds project with PRIF participation

Research project on border communities and territorial autonomy in Colombia is scheduled to run until 2021

Instituto CAPAZ


Instituto CAPAZ has found a total of ten research projects to be worthy of funding. Among them is a proposal with PRIF participation.

The project proposal “Rural Border Com­munities and the Defense of Territorial Auto­nomy in Colombia after the Peace Agree­ment: The cases of Puerto Asís (Putu­mayo) and Tumaco (Nariño)”/“Comuni­dades rurales fronte­rizas y la defensa de la auto­nomía territorial en el posa­cuerdo colom­biano: Los casos de Puerto Asís (Putu­mayo) y Tumaco (Nariño)”, jointly submitted by Luis Gabriel Salas Salazar (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) and Jonas Wolff (PRIF), is funded by Instituto CAPAZ for the period 2020–2021. It is thus one of ten projects considered worthy of funding, selected from a total of 46 submissions.

The funded projects are distributed among the three research focuses of CAPAZ. The project involving PRIF is assigned to the topic area “Peace, Conflicts and Territorial Reconfigurations”/“Paz, conflictos y reconfiguraciones territoriales” and will be carried out together with Vicente Fernando Salas Salazar (Universidad de Nariño, Pasto) as well as in cooperation with civil society partners in the respective communities (Consejo Mayor del Consejo Comunitario Alto Mira y Frontera in Tumaco and Junta de Acción Comunal de Angosturas, Puerto Asís).
In addition to CAPAZ, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Colombia also supports the project.

Further information on the research project can be found on the Instituto CAPAZ website.


In order to support Colombia’s peace process in the areas of research, teaching, and counseling, PRIF has since 2016 been involved in the estab­lishment of a German-Colombian Peace Institute (Instituto Colombo-Alemán para la paz, CAPAZ) in Bogotá, together with German and Colombian univer­sities. The institute is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) from funds of the German Federal Foreign Office.