Dark Sides of Democratic Peace

Anna Geis, Harald Müller and Wolfgang Wagner publish a balance of PRIF's current research programme

According to Kant, democracies were always classified as peaceful.  The authors of the book "Schattenseiten des Demokratischen Friedens" analyze the dark sides of Democratic Peace. Pointing out humanitarian interventions and "democratic expeditions", the authors stress that inspite of pacifist democracies there are also militant ones.


The volume "Schattenseiten des Demokratischen Friedens. Zur Kritik einer Theorie liberaler Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik" (Dark sides of the democratic peace. A critic of the theorie of liberal foreign and security policy) has been edited by Anna Geis, Harald Müller and Wolfgang Wagner. It has been published as volume 55 of the PRIF studies series at Campus publishing.


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