Elisabeth Decrey Warner awarded with the 2012 Hessian Peace Prize

The president of the organization "Geneva Call", Elisabeth Decrey Warner, has been awarded this year's Hessian Peace Prize on 28th September.

The committee of the Hessian Peace Prize of the Albert Osswald Foundation  awarded the 2012 Hessian Peace Prize to the president of the organization Geneva Call, Elisabeth Decrey Warner. The award ceremony was held in the Hessian Parliament in Wiesbaden on 28th of September 2012.


In his laudatio, Thomas Gebauer, the director of Medico International e.V., said, "I am happy, because the prize goes to a woman, who worked for peace on earth in an impressive way." Beneficially, Decrey Warner and Geneva Call deny some politicians claim, that peaceis just possible when the enemy is militarily defeated. The chair of the committee of the Hessian Peace Prize, Karl Starzacher, emphasized Decrey Warner's accomplishment of persuading 42 non-state actors to commit themselves to the convention on the ban of anti-personnel mines and working in areas such as refugee rights and humanitarian armament control since 25 years.


Elisabeth Decrey Warner is cofounder, president and driving force of the NGO Geneva Call. Besides the actrivities mentioned before, she actively promotes the implementation of UN-Resolution 1325, which emphasizes womens role in peace processes.


For further information, please check the official press release by the parliament of Hesse (available only in German). Photo: www.genevacall.org