Guest researcher: Roee Kibrik from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Since June, Roee Kibrik from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has been a guest researcher at PRIF. He studies "The Theoretical Gap and the Conflict in Israel /Palestine".

How do theoretical concepts contribute to the creation, preservation or resolution of political conflict? To pursue this question, Roee Kibrik examines the "theoretical gap", which exists between the ideal-type concept and its phenomena perceptions.


Using the concepts of border, sovereignty and security he seeks to explore the respective theoretical gaps and their contribution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the last twenty years.


From June until August, Roee Kibrik will work closely with the researchers from department I (headed by Prof. Dr. Harald Müller).


His visit is part of the cooperation between PRIF and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The implementation of the project and the research stay in Frankfurt are made possible by the German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation.