Improving Evaluation through Dialogue

The PrEval project brings together stakeholders from science and professional practice. The official kick-off took place in Berlin on December 9.

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On December 9, the project “PrEval” officially started its three-­year collaboration in Berlin. At the kick-off, around 50 participants discussed the work program and objectives of the project and the individual work packages on site and online. The focus was already on the exchange between researchers and practitioners from the field of prevention. This exchange is to be intensified in the coming years: With the help of workshops, needs with regard to evaluation and quality assurance in extremism prevention, democracy promotion and civic education are to be jointly identified and new formats and structures developed to support the field. PrEval invites all interested parties to participate in these workshops.

With the aim of supporting evaluation and quality assurance, PrEval takes up objectives, findings and needs from the predecessor project “PrEval - Evaluation Designs for Prevention Measures” (2020–2022). Based on these findings and needs, PrEval will develop and test new formats around the topic of evaluation and quality assurance together with a variety of actors and perspectives from civic education, democracy promotion and prevention practice.

The focus of the workshops will be on the topics of evaluation research, databases on evaluation reports, the topic of helpdesks as well as knowledge networks around the complex of evaluation and quality assurance. PrEval sees itself as an open network and invites all interested parties to contribute their needs and perspectives to the process. In addition, PrEval will continue the work on the PrEval Platform, which was started in the previous project and which maps evaluation capacities and needs in Germany in a publicly accessible way. International monitoring on structures and practice will also be continued and expanded. In addition, this project will again develop and conduct pilot studies in the field of civic education, evaluation in security-related cooperation contexts, and client-centered evaluation in complex counseling settings. Another part of the project is the transfer of findings into practice – all results will be made available in open access and will be compiled in a PrEval Monitor.

PrEval is supported by ten partners, but the network is constantly being expanded. PRIF coordinates the network.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI) and will run from October 2022 to September 2025.

Further information on the project can be found on the PrEval website at (in German).

A detailed report on the kick-off event and information on how to participate in the workshops will also be available there shortly (also in German).