Looking for Orientation

New issue of PRIF Viewpoints on the status and future of NATO by Matthias Dembinski (in German)

Since the end of the Cold War NATO was not able to contribute to a new peace order in Europe. Instead the defence alliance distanced itself increasingly from the United Nations. In his new PRIF Viewpoint "Auf der Suche nach Orientierung. Die neue Strategie der NATO zwischen fragwürdigen Konzepten und neuen (alten) Visionen" (In search of orientation. The new strategy of NATO between questionable concepts and new (old) visions) Matthias Dembinski explores the current strategies for the future of NATO that are on the table for the next summit in Lissabon. The author analyses the propositions which are in part alarming and develops his own strategies for the possible future of NATO.

This "Standpunkt" is available as free pdf-download (in German).