Norm Dynamics in Multilateral Arms Control

First results of PRIF's new research program published at University of Georgia Press

The volume "Norm Dynamics in Multilateral Arms Control", edited by Harald Müller and Carmen Wunderlich, comprehensively covers a range of issues related to dynamic norm change in the current major international arms control regimes related to nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, small arms and light weapons, cluster munitions, and antipersonnel mines. Arms control policies of all of the key established and rising state actors are considered, as well as those of nonaligned countries, nongovernmental organizations, and international governing bodies.


The book is published by University of Georgia Press and includes several case studies conducted by PRIF researchers. It presents first results of PRIF's current research program "Just Peace Governance".


Recent studies on multilateral arms control tend to focus mostly on "structure," by which opportunities and constraints for action are created. This volume pays equal attention to "agency," through which opportunities and constraints to produce change or maintain the status quo are handled. In addition - and in greater depth than in recent studies - the volume acknowledges the force of moral and ethical impulses (alongside such factors as political and technological change) in the evolution of arms control norms.


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