Norms in the transit zone - PRIF's Annual Conference 2016

"Norms in the transit zone: Global scripts, local practices": PRIF's Annual Conference in Frankfurt on June 22nd and 23rd 2016.


Our world is constantly changing, but some things are meant to endure: the international codification of human rights, the introduction of an international responsibility to protect, scripts about security sector reform in fragile states or rules on corruption are celebrated as major achievements in international politics around the world. But why are we witnessing conflicts about the implementation of these norms in many parts of the globe, including western democracies? Are global norms in crisis? Are they weak or are they turning weaker?
“The best of all possible worlds” may not be the full adoption of global scripts into local practices, but rather dynamic translation processes between international and local contexts. So how do norms change through local translation? What influence do these "localisations" have on global norms and scripts? Where are the limits for local translation, and where should they be? When are norms stuck in the "transit zone", figuratively speaking? When do conflicts produce meaningful local practices? During the annual conference, experts of science and practice will take a close look at these questions and discuss them critically.


The conference of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt is organized by the heads of the research groups: "The Cultural Dynamics of Political Globalisation", Head: Dr. Sabine Mannitz as well as "Conflict and Normative Change: Norm Conflicts in Global Governance", Head: Prof. Dr. Nicole Deitelhoff. The Conference language will be German.


Please register until May 31st 2016 with  AnnualConference @HSFK .de .  


Preliminary Program


Wednesday, 22. June 2016


06:00 pm: Ernst-Otto Czempiel Award Ceremony


Thursday, 23. Juni 2016


8:45-9:00 am: Registration


9:00-9:30 am: Introduction
Prof. Dr. Nicole Deitelhoff (PRIF deputy director & head of research department)


9:30-11:15 am: Panel 1: Global Scripts
Chair: Dr. Lisbeth Zimmermann (PRIF project leader)
• Case study corruption (Max Lesch, PRIF)
• Case study R2P u/o ICC (Antonio Arcudi, PRIF)
• Comments: Prof. Dr. Anna Holzscheiter (FU Berlin)


11:15-11:45 am: Refreshments  


11:45 am - 01:30 pm: Panel 2: Translation and Localization
Chair: Dr. Sabine Mannitz (PRIF head of research group)
• Konzepte guter Polizeiarbeit in Nigeria (Nina Müller, PRIF)
• Menschenrechte in der SSR-Arena Indonesiens (Dr. Philip Lorenz, University Heidelberg & PRIF)
• Comments: PD Dr. Thomas Zitelmann (FU Berlin)


01:30-02:15 pm: Lunch break/Catering


02:15-03:45 pm: Panel 3: Contestation in Practice
Chair: Julian Junk (PRIF Project coordinator)
• N.N.
• Dr. Lothar Jahn (GIZ, Eschborn)
• N.N.


03:45-04:15 pm: Refreshments


16:15-17:45 pm: Concluding Discussion:
Chair: Dr. Caroline Fehl (Project director at PRIF)
• Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse (FU Berlin)
• Thorsten Benner, MA (Director of GPPI Berlin)
• Czempiel-Award-Winner 2016 (N.N.)