Pupils from Giessen and Eltville convinced Jury with their Visions of Peace

450 visitors at award ceremony of the pupil’s competition and at PRIF’s dayof open door

How do conflicts develop? How can conflicts be solved by non-violent means? Normally these questions are looked at by PRIF’s researchers. Participating in PRIF’s competition “Youth Designs Peace”, pupils from the whole Rhein-Main area have dealt with these crucial questions within the last months.  


The winners of the competition were honored on PRIF’s open door day on 21 November 2007. With their outstanding project on the Darfur-Conflict Katharina Riedl and Tabea Schuh from the Landgraf-Ludwigs-Gymnasium at Giessen won the first prize, together with a group of six from the Internatsschule Schloss Hansenberg - Omar El Manfalouty, Yixao Li, Leonard Overbeck, Elena Prüch, Louisa Marie Seichter, and Kaori Tanida impressed the jury with their work on the Chinese-Japanese Conflict. The third prize was awarded to Romana Hausmann and Hannah Klein who also attend the Landgraf-Ludwigs-Gymnasium at Giessen.  


At a press conference that signalled the start of PRIF’s open door day, the winners received their prizes from the hands of Prof. Semmelroth, Frankfurt’s city-counsellor for culture and science.  


Beside the pupils, PRIF was honored itself by the initiative “Germany - Land of Ideas” that had chosen PRIF as one of the “365 Selected Landmarks in the Land of Ideas 2007”. Representing the initiative, Andreas Kerl, Director at Deutsche Bank, handed over a trophy to PRIF’s executive director Prof. Dr Harald Müller.   About 450 visitors took their chance to get insights into the daily work and research topics of the researchers. They attended a large number of presentations and so called “topical islands” on weapons of mass destruction, international organizations, and democratization. Visitors discussed diverse issues with researchers at PRIF and with Susanne Fischer via live chat to Tel Aviv.  



Frankfurt, 21 November 2007