Thinking Security Policy in a Networked Way

Sarah Brockmeier is a member of the advisory board of the Federal Academy for Security Policy

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Sarah Brockmeier from PRIF has been appoin­ted to the Advisory Board of the Federal Aca­demy for Security Policy (BAKS). The 9th Ad­visory Board met for the first time in a con­stituent meeting on June 15, 2022. The meeting was opened by Siemtje Möller, MdB, Parlia­mentary State Secre­tary to the Federal Minister of Defense. Also partici­pating was BAKS President Ekke­hard Brose.

The Federal Academy for Security Policy is the Federal Govern­ment's central, inter­depart­mental training center for security policy. Politically, the Federal Academy is managed by the Federal Security Council as a board of trustees chaired by the Federal Chancellor. The Advisory Council has the task of advising the Board of Trustees on all issues relating to inter­depart­mental continuing edu­cation at the Academy. It makes recommen­dations on the content and form of teaching and on its further develop­ment. Advisory board members are appointed for a period of three years.

For further infor­mation, please visit the website of the Federal Academy for Security Policy (BAKS).