Theoretically Well Armed?

Niklas Schörnig analyzes the US-arms industry policy in the 1990s

In his publication "Theoretisch gut gerüstet? Die amerikanische Rüstungsindustriepolitikder 1990er Jahre aus IB-Perspektive" (Theoretically Well Armed? The US arms industry policy in the 1990s from International Relations perspective), Niklas Schörnig analyzes this special policy during this period. Supported by the government, it came to an extensive consolidation and restructuring of the US arms industry.


Against the background of liberalism, neo-realism and constructivism, Schörnig analyzes motives and interests of the policy makers. The author comes to the conclusion, that conventional interpretations have to be revised.


This volume has been published as vol. No. 8  of the series "Internationale Beziehungen" (International Relations) at Nomos publishing house.


In this book, Niklas Schörnig is publishing his dissertation. He is research assistant and board member at PRIF.


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