Theories of Peace and War 1830–1890

Second volume of the annotated bibliography on the history of theory published

The Phantom Horseman,1870-93 by Sir John Gilbert (d.1897)

The Phantom Horseman,1870-93 by Sir John Gilbert (d.1897). Foto: Birmingham Museums Trust/Unsplash

Stephan Nitz, the former head of PRIF’s library, has published the second volume of his annotated bibliography of peace theory. The first volume was published in 2010, dealing with theories of peace and war from ancient times to 1830. The newly published second volume now deals with the period from 1830 to 1890, which has received particularly little attention in research in recent decades. Stephan Nitz refers to almost 300 authors, more than 100 are commented in detail.

Only a few of these authors have been published in the literature so far. Detailed introductions therefore provide the historical-political and ideological-historical context. Historians, political commentators, international law experts, economists, sociologists, philosophers, theologians and authors of the peace movement are taken into account. Non-European literature is included to the extent that it is known in European languages. The volume thus represents an important resource for peace and conflict research.

The annotated bibliography has been published as volume 34 in the series “Studien des Hessischen Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung“ by Nomos Verlag. It is available as an open access publication on the Nomos Verlag website.