Installation as part of the exhibition project (Photo: Paul Pape)
Installation as part of the exhibition project (Photo: Paul Pape)

Making Crises Visible

Science matters, of course, but often seems to be complicated, unclear and difficult to understand. The project “Making Crises Visible” provides an experi­mental approach to the themes of the Leibniz Research Al­liance “Crisis in a Globa­lised World”. Resear­chers from PRIF, the Cluster of Excel­lence “Normative Orders” and Goethe Uni­versity Frankfurt work together with students of the Uni­versity of Art and Design Offenbach to develop ideas for the creative presen­tation of research out­comes.

In the course of two semesters students of communi­cation design, stage design, free art and media create posters, objects, videos and instal­lations that transfer scientific content in unex­pected ways to the audience. The projects aim at cre­atively visua­lizing methods and findings of exem­plary research projects and at raising aware­ness that crises not only bring about negative conse­quences but may also have construc­tive potential. The “Science-Art-Objects” will be exhibited at Sencken­berg Natur­museum Frankfurt in spring 2020.

The students presented their first ideas and drafts at the annual con­ference "Crises of a Globa­lised World" on 12 and 13 December 2018 in Berlin (click here to see photos of the event).

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Nicole Deitelhoff

Susanne Boetsch
Email: boetsch @hsfk .de
Phone: 069 - 959104-12

Artistic Direction

University of Art and Design Offenbach

Ellen Marie Wagner, Curator
Email: wagner @hfg-offenbach .de

Prof. Klaus Hesse 
Email: hesse @hfg-offenbach

Felix Kosok
Email: kosok @hfg-offenbach .de

Project Coordination
Sophia Wenzel
Email: wenzel @hsfk .de
Phone: 069 - 959104-17