HSFK-Report: Printing Weapons and Firearms?

Additive Manufacturing as Security Risk?

The 3D-printing technology offers many opportunities, for example in the area of development cooperation and disaster relief. At the same time, security risks arise: How will this technology affect the production and control of weapons? Marco Fey examines these questions in the latest HSFK-Report. 


What is behind the 3D-printing technology, which is also called additive manufacturing? How does it work and what is it used for? Marco Fey explains which states seek to actively promote research and development of the technology as well as its industrial application. Do defense policy considerations play a role?

The security risks are at the center of this report: How does additive manufacturing impact on the production and control of small arms? To what extent does the military use this technology? Could additive manufacturing facilitate easier access to weapons of mass destruction? 

Marco Fey discusses these questions in the latest HSFK-Report No. 9/2016 "Waffen aus dem 3D-Drucker: Additives Fertigen als sicherheitspolitisches Risiko?". He pleads not to fall into alarmism, but to further research potential risks and take precautions.

This HSFK-Report No 9/2016 is available as free download (in German only).