Peace Reports

The Peace Report is the joint report of the German peace research institutes

and has been published since 1987. Scholars from various disciplines examine international conflicts from a strategic peace perspective and give clear policy recommendations.

Since 2018, the Peace Report has been published in a new format and design, with a new chapter structure and even more pointed recommendations. The articles are divided into five thematic sections: "Armed Conflicts", "Sustainable Peace", "Arms Dynamics", "Institutional Peacekeeping" and "Transnational Security Risks". In the chapter "Focus" each year a topic of the current state of conflicts in the world is examined in more detail.

Further information and the current edition of the Peace Report can be downloaded for free at (German only).

The German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF) has been providing support for the Peace Report since 2007.

Peace Report 2018

Peace Report 2018 (Cover)
Peace Report 2018 (Cover)

The Peace Report 2018 has the title "Endless Wars. More Diplomacy – Fewer Arms Exports". It was officially presented on 12th of June 2018 in Berlin.