Nation Building and the Perpetration of Genocide: Memory, National Security, and the Cold War

This research project grapples with one of the crucial problems of the modern world and Inter­national Relations: genocide. By examining specifically how the memory of the Holocaust and the Arme­nian Genocide was leve­raged for national security, politics and gover­nance, this project will contribute to over­looked links bet­ween the memory of past crimes and nation-building in the age of the Cold War. With an eye towards the ‘diplomacy of genocide’ this project seeks to explore such links in the under­studied context of memory, politics and governance: how have Cold War fears and related East-West pola­rization, and thus national security concerns, shaped perpe­trator nation-states to deny or acknow­ledge their past crimes?

Project director:
How Do We Remember the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust? | 2020

Ben Aharon, Eldad (2020): How Do We Remember the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust? A Global View of an Integrated Memory of Perpetrators, Victims and Third–Party Countries, PRIF Report 6/2020, Frankfurt/M.

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