Virtually mobilised? (Dis-)parity in mobilisation techniques of right-wing and Salafist actors in radicalisation processes

Radical positions are seeing an influx in member­ship in Germany as well as many other European states and an anti-democratic and anti-emancipatory stance is spreading. In particular online hate criminality is increasing, online content that legitimises or glorifies violence appears more and more on social media and comments are posted uninhibited. This develop­ment is especially apparent in the field of Salafist jihadism and right-wing extremism. 

The extremists’ mobilisation strategies and techniques seem to work, as new members are won and the willingness to use violence is increasing. By means of a qualitative content analysis of Facebook and Telegram content, in her dissertation project, Manjana Sold examines which mobilisation techniques are applied by different radical actors. The research also investigates the differences within and between the respective fields of Salafism and right-wing extremism.