100th Birthday of Albert Osswald

Albert Osswald, former Prime Minister of Hesse and founder of PRIF in 1970, would have turned 100 on May 16.

 Albert Osswald, former Minister President of Hesse | Picture: SPD Hessen

Albert Osswald, former Minister President of Hesse | Picture: SPD Hessen

"There will always be conflicts in this world - social, political and economic conflicts. We must make sure that these conflicts are resolved rationally and that solutions are found that do not restrict people's freedom."

With these words, the then Hessian Prime Minister Albert Osswald presented the PRIF Foundation Charter to the provisional Executive Board - Prof Dr Ernst-Otto Czempiel, Dr Hans Nicklas and Dr Dieter Senghaas - on October 30, 1970. As early as 1969, Osswald called on Hesse's universities to develop a programme for an institute for peace and conflict research. The state government's willingness to promote peace research was particularly well received at the Philipps University in Marburg and the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt. The City of Frankfurt also supported the plans to establish a peace research institute. On July 22, 1970, the Hessian state government finally decided to establish the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt.

Osswald's great commitment to a peaceful coexistence in society continues to this day through the annual award of the Hessian Peace Prize by the Albert Osswald Foundation. The Hessian Peace Prize is awarded to people who have rendered outstanding services to international understanding and peace. Each year, a laureate selected by the Hessian Peace Prize Board of Trustees receives the prize endowed with 25,000 euros. PRIF advises the Board of Trustees on the selection and documents the award ceremony.