Coming soon: The Peace Report 2019

Presentation of the annual report at the Federal Press Conference on 4 June in Berlin

The Peace Report 2019 (Picture: HSFK)

The Peace Report 2019 (Picture: HSFK)

The leading German peace research institutes will present the new Peace Report 2019 on June 4. Since 1987, the Peace Report has been ana­lyzing current violent conflicts, high­lighting trends in inter­national foreign, security and develop­ment policy and making policy recommen­dations. This year's "Focus" chapter examines the crisis of the nuclear order.

The Peace Report 2019 will be presented at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin on June 4, starting at 9.30 a.m. Following the Federal Press Conference, the institutes will discuss the recommen­dations of the Peace Report in Berlin with ministries, the Chancellery, parlia­mentary committees and political factions of the parliament.

PRIF publishes the Peace Report together with the Bonn Inter­national Center for Con­version (BICC), the Institute for Develop­ment and Peace Duisburg (INEF) and the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy Hamburg (IFSH). It has been published annually since 1987 and was comprehen­sively updated in content and form in 2018. The Peace Report has been access­ible free of charge via Open Access since 2018.