Frankfurt European Conference starts 2020

PRIF joins planning for new European discussion platform

Frankfurt will host the Frankfurt European Conference from 2020. Photo: Felix Dance/Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Frankfurt will host the Frankfurt European Conference from 2020. Photo: Felix Dance/Flickr | CC BY 2.0

The "Frankfurt European Conference" in June 2020 will be a new international conference at which the current developments and central challenges of the peace project Europe will be debated. Following the example of the Munich Security Conference, it will be open to researchers, intellectuals, politicians, artists and citizens in order to further develop the European idea constructively.

The interdisciplinary conference is planned by three Frankfurt research institutions: the Center for Applied European Studies (CAES) at the Frankfurt University of Applied Science, the Cluster of Excellence Normative Orders at the Goethe University Frankfurt and PRIF.

"We want to contribute to a positive turnaround of conflicts in Europe in order to strengthen the European peace project. That was the reason for us to join forces with partners and put the Frankfurt European Conference on track," said PRIF director Nicole Deitelhoff in an interview with HR Info. Michel Friedman, Managing Director of CAES, hopes that the conference will provide important impetus, especially against the background of the EU's democratic deficit, to make the Union attractive for the people of Europe as a supranational offer in the long term.

Consequently, the event at its start next year will focus on the future of European democracy. Under the title "Europe's Future: Democracy", a pluralistic and objective culture of debate will address various visions of the democratic design of the EU - also from a Eurosceptic perspective. From now on it will take place annually under changing overarching themes on the future of the EU and the European continent.

You can listen to in-depth interviews with Nicole Deitelhoff and Michel Friedman on the planning of the Frankfurt European Conference in the HR Info Podcast.