Guest researcher from Ruanda at PRIF

Innocent Twagilimana from the University of Rwanda in Kigali will be a visiting researcher at PRIF for the next three months.

Innocent Twagilimana in the library

Innocent Twagilimana in the library (Foto: PRIF)

Since last week we are happy to host our new guest researcher from Rwanda: Innocent Twagilimana will be working on his research project in the next three months at PRIF.

He is concerned with investigating how peace education, for all categories of people including youth, can be implemented with the help of social media in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

"I try to use the three months as effectively as possible," says Innocent Twagilimana. "I'm trying to work on a small aspect of my project here intensively, so that I can write a journal article about it before going back home.”

At the University of Rwanda in Kigali, Twagilimana works at the College of Education, where he also teaches courses and is Head of Department.

The first impression of Frankfurt is positive: "People here are very polite and friendly; I did not experience any problem for buying the appropriate ticket for public transport right on my arrival for example. People were very devoted to help the hesitating stranger”.