New Institute for Social Cohesion

PRIF and Goethe-University involved in the founding of the Institute for Social Cohesion

Goethe University Frankfurt (Photo: Elke Födisch, Goethe University Frankfurt )

Goethe University Frankfurt (Photo: Elke Födisch, Goethe University Frankfurt )

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has selected Frankfurt as one of eleven locations for the new decentralised Institute for Social Cohesion (to be established). Starting in January 2019, researchers from HSFK and Goethe University will be working together with colleagues from other locations to design the new institute under the umbrella of the Goethe University.

The aim of the Frankfurt research group is to examine the conditions of productive conflicts as a basis for social cohesion. As a cooperation partner of the Goethe University Frankfurt, PRIF participates in the research group. Prof. Dr. Nicole Deitelhoff, Managing Director of PRIF and Professor of International Relations at Goethe University, is the spokesperson of the Frankfurt Research Group. She is excited about the BMBF's commitment: "As part of the Frankfurt Research Group, we will contribute our established strengths in the field of political normative orders and conflict research to the Institute."

The BMBF has selected eleven scientific institutions nationwide, which will conduct interdisciplinary research on topics of social cohesion as a decentralised institute. Currently, the BMBF-funded project is in the one-year preliminary phase for the establishment of the institute. This will be followed by a four-year main phase with the option of an extension.

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