Nigerian visitors at the library

Students from Nigeria review literature at PRIF's library

Professor Akinwumi together with seven of his students

Prof. Akinwumi together with seven of his students (Photo: HSFK)

Since last week a group of students from Nasarawa State University in Keffi, Nigeria is visiting the library at PRIF.

Together with their professor Olayemi Akinwumi, the eleven students are visiting PRIF to review the literature at the library. At the "Institute of Governance and Development Studies", they attend the study program "Security and Strategic Studies"  and search the library for literature that is relevant for their theses. "In Nigeria, gaining access to current literature is more difficult, so we are very pleased to have the opportunity to use the library.", says Prof. Akinwumi.

Unfortunately, there is hardly any opportunity to get to know Frankfurt besides working in the library: "I try to review and scan as much literature as possible so that I can continue working with it in Keffi", explains one student.


Prof. Akinwumi regularly travels to PRIF with students from his courses so that they can take advantage of the library's extensive holdings of literature on peace and conflict research.