PRIF publications now on "Paul Open Search"

Online platform for political research includes PRIF Spotlights, PRIF Reports and the PRIF Blog in its database.

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We'd like you to meet Paul. Paul may not be a new employee, but he also has excellent research skills in political science and is well networked. He finds scientific studies, articles and reports with just a few keywords. Since a few days ago, Paul has also been eager to take our in-house publications under his octopus arms and share them with all those interested in politics and science.

Paul is the „Paul Open Search“ platform for researching political backgrounds. It bundles content from around 50 different organisations, institutes, NGOs, foundations, magazines and think tanks. Paul Open Search and PRIF are now working together: our Open Access in-house publications (PRIF Spotlights, PRIF Reports and PRIF Blog) have recently been integrated into "Paul Open Search" and are thus part of the offering for high-quality political content from different perspectives.