Protest Movements in Asylum and Deportation

Anthology on protest movements in asylum and deportation – co-edited by Verena Stern

"Protest Movements in Asylum and Deportation" (Cover)

"Protest Movements in Asylum and Deportation" (Cover)

The an­tho­logy “Protest Movements in Asylum and Deportation”, co-edited by Sieglinde Rosenberger, Verena Stern and Nina Merhaut, deals with con­tes­tations “from below” of le­gal policies and im­ple­men­tation prac­tices in asy­lum and de­por­tation in Germany, Austria and Switzer­land. The chapters con­tex­tualize, firstly, asylum policies in the re­spective countries, and focus, se­condly, on so­lidarity pro­tests against the de­portation of re­fused asylum seekers, refugee activism cam­paigning for re­sidence rights and in­clusion, and re­strictive pro­tests again the re­ception of asylum seekers.

The an­tho­logy is based on find­ings of the comp­arative re­search project “Taking Sides: Protests against the Deportation of Asylum Seekers”.

The an­tho­logy is avail­able as open access at Springer.