PRIF Spotlight 1/2020 - Notes and references

Lost in transition? Putin's strategy for 2024


1 For the full text of the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly see:

2  Medvedev is believed to have been notified 3 days in advance, after V.Putin met with
M. Mishustin, the PM-designate (

3 Background on the new Russian PM Mishustin (

4 For the full text of the draft bill (in Russian) see:

5 For the full timeline see:

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7 Federal Service for State Statistics (2019): Income, expenditures and consumption of private households 2018 (in Russian):

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9 Under the Russian law, the next presidential elections must happen within the 3 months after the incumbent president resigns.

10 To get more information on the situation see: Zygar, M. (2016). All the Kremlin's men: Inside the court of Vladimir Putin. Public Affairs.

11 See