Alisa Rieth

Alisa Rieth

Research Department:
Transnational Politics
Research Group 'Radicalization'



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Since 9/2020Researcher at PRIF
Since 5/2020Editor of PRIF Blog
4/2019–8/2020Advisor to the Executive Director at PRIF
2016–2018Student Assistant in the Press and Public Relations Department at PRIF
2016–2017Interdisciplinary Study Focus “Technology and International Development” at TU Darmstadt
2015–2018Master Studies in International Relations & Peace and Conflict Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt/M. and TU Darmstadt
2012–2015Bachelor Studies in Political Science at Philipps University Marburg and at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)


Mali: Solides Engagement, aber verschenktes Potenzial | 2019

Rieth, Alisa (2019): Mali: Solides Engagement, aber verschenktes Potenzial, in: Christian, Ben/Coni-Zimmer, Melanie (Hg.), Deutschland im UN-Sicherheitsrat 2019–2020. Eine Halbzeitbilanz, (PRIF Report 6/2019), Frankfurt/M, 12–13.

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Robustes Peacekeeping in Mali | 2019

Rieth, Alisa (2019): Robustes Peacekeeping in Mali. MINUSMA zwischen Gewalteskalation und Friedensanstrengungen, PRIF Spotlight 2/2019, Frankfurt/M.

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