Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

The Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), part of the Leibniz Association, with its main office in Frankfurt am Main is the largest institute for peace research in Germany, comprising around 90 staff members.

  • Mission
    PRIF conducts research on peace-relevant issues for the good and benefit of mankind. The institute carries out knowledge-based fundamental research with the pursuit of passing practical outcomes on to politics and society.
  • Organizational Structure
    Executive Board - Board of Trustees - Scientific Advisory Board - Research Council - Organizational Chart.
  • Staff
    PRIF employs around 80 staff members.
  • Library
    The library of PRIF holds the most extensive literature collection in the field of peace and conflict research in the German-speaking region.
  • Public Relations
    The Public Relations office is the focal point of intersection for the institute's scientific communication.
  • Administration
    Human resources, legal matters and organization - finances, allocations and budgeting - managing third-party funds.
  • History
    "There will always be conflicts in this world – social, political and economic conflicts. We must ensure that these conflicts are dealt with sensibly and solutions found that do not restrict the freedom of people." It was with these words that the former Prime Minister of Hesse, Albert Osswald, handed the foundation deed for PRIF over to the interim board – Prof Ernst-Otto Czempiel, Dr Hans Nicklas and Dr Dieter Senghaas – on 30 October 1970.
  • Funding
    PRIF is funded in equal shares by federal sources and state sources.
  • Constitution
    Organizational Form - Purpose of the Foundation - Freedom of Research - Structure and Governing Bodies - Board of Trustees -  Executive Board - Research Council - Advisory Board - Foundation Assets - Budget and Accounting - Constitutional Changes
  • Annual Reports
    Annual Reports contain detailed information on current research projects and thematic priorities of PRIF.
  • Awards
    Every two years PRIF bestows the Ernst-Otto Czempiel Award and is involved in the awarding of the Hessian Peace Prize.