Awardees of the Ernst-Otto Czempiel Award

Previous awardees

2018 Prof Dr Simon Koschut, "Normative Change and Security Community Disintegration. Undoing Peace"
2016 Dr Birgit Bräuchler, "The Cultural Dimension of Peace: Decentralization and Reconciliation in Indonesia"
2014 Dr Piki Ish-Shalom, "Democratic Peace. A Political Biography"
2012 Prof Dr Elke Krahmann, "States, Citizens and the Privatization of Security"
2010 Dr Rita Schäfer, "Frauen und Kriege in Afrika – ein Beitrag zur Genderforschung"
2008 Guy Ben-Porat, "Global Liberalism, Local Populism: Peace and Conflict in Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland"