The Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) conducts research on peace-relevant issues for the good and benefit of mankind. All activities at PRIF follow the guiding principle of the Leibniz Association “theoria cum praxi”: Conducting knowledge-driven and applied basic research with the pursuit of passing practical outcomes on to politics and society. 

The institute defines its research topics autonomously as the constitution guarantees complete scientific freedom. PRIF engages in research alliances and is part of various national, international and European institutional as well as educational cooperations. Synergies are created through joint research projects as well as inter- and transdisciplinary exchange. The institute's scientists also engage in teaching activities. Every semester they assume teaching assignments at Goethe University Frankfurt and TU Darmstadt. 

PRIF conducts research-based policy advice – independent, objective and cross-party. The institute develops options of action and provides background information and analyses for ministries, parties, NGOs and companies. PRIF advises politicians and expert committees and contributes to expert consultations. The institute's scientists participate in delegations and committees of the German Federal Foreign Office on European and international level.

In addition, the institute's scientists act as experts for interviews, information and discussion events. PRIF is also co-editor of the peace report and promotes the training of diplomats.