Press and Public Relations

Press and public relations at PRIF are a central element for enabling academic communication. Work in this area assists PRIF staff members in communicating their research findings to the academic community, policy makers, the media and the general public.

Central tasks for press and public relations:

  • arranging interview partners and speakers
  • maintaining the institute’s social media presence
  • organizing panel discussions and other events
  • editing the newsletter
  • maintaining and developing the PRIF website
  • final editing of PRIF publications (HSFK-Reports, PRIF Reports, HSFK-Standpunkte)
  • creating informational material, brochures and annual reports
  • fundraising


As an active member of the communication network at the Leibniz Association, PRIF’s press and public relations section actively supports the association in the areas of communications strategy and media relations.


Barbara Dörrscheidt 
Head of Public Relations

Phone: 069 - 959104-13
email: doerrscheidt @hsfk .de

Karin Hammer, Editor

Phone: 069 - 959104-28
email: hammer @hsfk .de

Annabel Schmitz, Editor

Phone: 069 - 959104-85
email: schmitz @hsfk .de