PRIF signs the Diversity Charter

Diversity Charter (logo)
Diversity Charter (logo)

In December 2018, on behalf of its Exe­cutive Director Nicole Deitelhoff, PRIF signed the Diversity Charter (Charta der Vielfalt).The Diversity Charter is a cor­­po­rate ini­tiative to pro­­mote diver­­sity in com­­panies and insti­­tu­tions.

By signing the Diversity Charter, PRIF contri­­butes to pro­­mote recog­­nition, appre­­ciation and inte­­gration of diver­­sity into Germany's business culture. The ob­­jective is to create a wor­king en­viron­­ment free of biases. All employees should be valued - regard­­less of gender and sexual idenity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or world­view, physical ability, age and sexual orien­tation.

Until today, 3,000 com­panies and orga­ni­­zations with a total of more than 10 million employees have already signed the Diversity Charter.

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